Myths and points related to cord blood and tissues


Cord blood is a very important fluid and could be collected at the time of childbirth. However, a lot of people don't allow to do so, probably because they don't know the right things about it. Here are all the myths related to it, along with their correct verifications.

Collecting it harms the child

The Cord blood Calgary or stem cell tissues are the ones collected at the time of birth. It is good to collect it as soon as the child is born. There is the biggest myth related to it and that is collecting this would harm the child and the mother's health. This is the biggest myth about cord blood. There is no harm in collecting the cord blood of the child. If it is collected at the time of birth, it could be used for a lot of other medical goodness in the future. Not just the child will have this advantage, but his or her siblings too could get the benefits of it.



It needs surgery for the extraction

This again is a point that people have created out of nothing. There is no need for additional surgery, to collect the cord blood. It is just a matter of 5 minutes and after that, the work is finished. The delivery of the child gives the doctor enough room for collecting it and it is a very easy and comfortable thing to do.

It is of no use

Probably, this is the only thought in the mind of people who don't allow the doctors to collect the cord blood of their newborn. However, those who know about the importance of it, knows how wrong this thought is. There are some of the very severe and important transplants that could be easily done with the help of cord blood. There are a lot of diseases that could be cured with the help of it.

These are all the myths along with their correct answers related to cord blood. We are sure that these points will help you in understanding how important the cord blood is. 

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